The Ability to Adapt Your Workforce is Essential to Navigating Uncertain Times

Jul 23, 2020

Over the past months, it’s become very clear that we are in a new reality. We are actively living with five unprecedented crises that we face at the same time: the COVID-19 outbreak, economic catastrophe, racial and social crises, digital turning points, and widening management gaps. And we think it should wake us all up, that our future will quickly differ significantly from our past. The ability to adapt your workforce is more important than ever before given the uncertainties we face in our ever-evolving world. In the past, most companies and their management relied on IQ and emotional intelligence (EQ) to manage talent at work. But are they accurate predictors of leadership and the ability to adapt to these changing circumstances, as well as the mental and psychological desire for success?

Of course, but to achieve something important, be it in the business world, in the military, in nonprofits or in sports organizations, teams of logical, intelligent, and hard-working people are needed. They work together for one purpose and can move mountains. Are IQ and EQ factors sufficient to predict future success in the current war of talent and digital workforce? If it wasn’t clear before, now. We are all in a digital environment, wherever we work. For our customers, the strength of their trade must be everywhere. Your customer service organization must be everywhere. Your marketing organization must be everywhere. And everyone must be able to work from anywhere, which is an important part of how we can now achieve productivity.

Are IQ and EQ Still Relevant Factors to Evaluate Success

Yes, IQ and EQ are historically important. With that in mind, adaptability is another trait that we think is as important, if not more important, than IQ and EQ for measuring the level of talent of candidates. The real value of adaptability has been the focus of these turbulent times. Through our work, we found that future performance was judged better by the Adaptability Quotient (“AQ”) and believe this is a new competitive advantage.

 We adapt to our environment by adjusting and understanding customers. We improve by defining authority, often in groups working at the lowest level of association. We adapt by following, reacting, and surely enabling the advancement of innovation and new theories. Are reciprocal notions of adaptability, IQ and EQ appropriate in different situations, at different times and because of different difficulties?

 We believe that the ability to adapt and measure traditional talent (IQ and EQ) has its place. They allow us to focus on our fundamentals but at the same time increase progress. We believe that IQ and EQ enable us to focus on what is happening around us and resilience to adapt to a developing crisis.

Adaptability is what opens up a competitive advantage in a vulnerable world at all levels, especially during these trying times. The ability to adapt helps your company avoid competition and offer your customers exceptional added value. Therefore it is very important to prioritize the ability to adapt to your company and measure it properly in your daily work.

Why Looking Within Allows the Ability to Adapt your Workforce

Why is adaptability so important? There are many reasons. Our network and global world is changing faster. Today’s trend can disappear instantly. The rise of a fully digital environment is accelerating this pace of change and forcing companies and individuals to continue to change their business processes. Focus groups and big data can help predict trends in the short term, but they don’t help much to overcome the waves of change that surround us.

While most adaptability is outward, the aspect of resilience requires that we look inward. It may not be intuitive, but looking inside is an important step towards more adaptable work.

Mahatma Gandhi has so many wise words, but there is one very relevant quote here. He once said, “It must be reduced to a zero.” By reducing ourselves to zero, we basically get a new start. We can use the veil of ignorance and free ourselves from our conditioned thoughts that govern our daily lives.

While it is not possible to completely erase hidden prejudices and pre-formed ideas, it means reducing ourselves to zero, looking at the world with new eyes. This is important because we can be more original. We think according to the first principle and drastically reduce all forms of creative resistance and our internal criticism. At the same time, looking within allows our enthusiasm for leadership, our determination, our analytical skills, our risk tolerance, and more.

For organizations and individuals who want to become more adaptable, we suggest following Gandhi’s wisdom. Reduce yourself to zero and try to put aside your previous ideas and ideas. Think about how you can adapt to change better. Experiment and collect data. In this way, you are required to see positive results.

Assessment of the ability to adapt in times of crisis

An inward view is very important to improve everyone’s adaptability. The question is, how do you judge this ability to change when you value others?

The ability to adapt your workforce is too critical given our five major crises, and especially the war on talent. Regardless of the size of your company or your individual career goals, developing your ability to adapt to change can be a significant competitive advantage. Consider these questions when assessing the adaptability of others. In the end, the person or company that can adapt most quickly is valued at its peak.

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John R. Miles is the founder and CEO of OVESTO, the leading provider of on-demand executive staffing. OVESTO provides transformational leaders for fractional, interim or project assignments. Miles is widely viewed as an expert on digital disruption, problem-solving, and business transformation. He is a highly sought after speaker, consultant, and writer. Miles has significant business experience as a Fortune 50 CIO, ASX 10 CISO, and seasoned private equity leader in CEO and COO roles across several diverse industries.


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