OVESTO is the premier provider of on-demand staffing with experienced Transformational Leadership
We aim to provide experienced transformational leaders (also known as fractional executives) for interim projects and fractional roles that are capable of solving our client’s most complex leadership challenges. Our goal is to disrupt the current staffing and consulting models.

These interim or fractional executives are altering the leadership industry by providing solutions for companies aiming to move away from “owning” their talent to accessing it on-demand. Talent is the number one investment for most companies and the war for talent is only getting deeper. Our goal is therefore to Optimize Investment Outcomes



Through our extensive work across a wide range of clients, we experienced first-hand that there was a significant talent gap across the board for fractional transformational leadership.

Ultimately what we discovered was that the historical consulting and recruiting models were not providing acceptable results, were expensive, and not timely. Thus, the evolution of our current on-demand staffing business model.

What is Fractional Transformational Leadership?

Fractional Transformational Leadership, often called fractional executives, outsourced executives, or super temps, are experienced experts who augment a company’s C-Suite in roles like the COO, CFO, CIO or CMO. These senior leaders gain their experience from Fortune 500s, Large Consulting firms, and successful startups. These experienced operators have been there and done that and can bring diverse skills and expertise to the business that they may not be able to find or afford.

The fractional executive works on a part-time, interim, or project basis – in other words on-demand talent. However, these leaders can have the same or more significant impact on your business. Not only do they bring their skills to your business, but they also bring their networks and credibility with them.

Why would a company hire a Fractional Executive? What are the benefits?

Fractional Transformational Leaders are often the best fit for small to medium-size businesses that don’t need or can’t afford a permanent, full-time executive but would benefit from the acumen that an experienced and accomplished senior executive could bring to the company. However, they can also work for publicly traded companies as well.

The leader can immediately become a valuable addition to the C-suite; they may function as an interim executive as the company searches for permanent role and or advise the senior executive team and board on strategic related issues and opportunities. Because of the experience, they can manage essential projects, conducting strategy workshops, coaching/mentor staff, and bring an independent view.

Hiring a fractional transformational leader provides the ability for the company to “lease instead of full-time hire” without the risk of a long term commitment. This saves the company recruiting costs, provides the executive on-demand, and eliminates lengthy interviews and the need for relocation.

What is the On-Demand Staffing Delivery Model?

This capability is a crucial aspect of what differentiates OVESTO’s business model: On-Demand Staffing as a Competitive Differentiator. The Harvard Business Review recently wrote about how new technologies, the gig economy, and spot market for top talent is challenging assumptions about management skills and expertise belonging inside vs. outside an organization.

Leading companies increasingly desire access to (not ownership of) talent, experience, and the capacity to complete critical projects ​or take on a vital business​ function.

Getting On-Demand Staffing allows businesses to access to the right skills, experience, and resources at the optimal time – When they need it the most!

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Private Equity Owned Business CEO

“When our backs were against the wall, we didn’t know where to turn for help. Fortunately, we’d heard about Ovesto and from our first meeting we knew our business was in caring, capable hands.”

Fortune 100 CIO

It was exciting to work with Ovesto especially as their executive was working to push the boundaries in various areas. This was a new concept for us, and Ovesto was always accepting of input and thoughtful recommendations on how best to proceed and this is a great sign of leadership.”

Fortune 50 VP of Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Ovesto executive in a very collaborative manner. Ovesto was a solid business partner to the marketing organization, focusing on the enablement of CRM innovation through new tools deployment. Their consultant has an outstanding business acumen and focuses on key business requirements and how IT can be an enabler versus an inhibitor.

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Transformational Leadership through on demand staffing

At Ovesto, we do more than sell solutions, we solve business problems. We begin by going deep to truly understand what our clients need, exhausting the possibilities to get to the right approach. Ovesto provides organizations with the expertise and creative solutions to help you realize your full potential.

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