Big Wins, Bigger Impact: Client Success Stories

Hitting goals is just one aspect of success, but the ripple effect of those little achievements is what keeps us going. Check out some of our latest case studies.

OVESTO is focused on client success and has generated billions of dollars in growth for clients across a wide array of industries.

We provide on-demand fractional leaders to maximize your results. Don’t have enough sales? No problem. Need a New Marketing Strategy? No problem. OVESTO will help you make the most out of your talent investments, and get targeted with your problem solving.


Our Transformational Leadership In Action

Want Proof Of Our Client Success?

In order to protect our client’s information, no jaw-dropping logos will be shown on this page. We will, however, show you what we are capable of in order to maximize your Business Transformation. 

client success stories

Problem Solving Experts

We do it one organization at a time. Our work is all centered around the art of problem solving. We solve problems quickly and effectively. 

Leading National Retailer

276% increase in repeat customer percentage in a single year

Leading Technology Company

Acheived a 20% increase in total revenue over 2 years

Mid-Size Financial Services Company

176% productivity gain and $34M in net new sales

Mid-Size Software Company

Transformed $300,000 in monthly losses to positive EBIDTA in 18 months

Mid-Size Luxury Consumer Brand

Increased key selling activities by 182% and 2x the opportunities created

Leading Global Grocery Retailer

Reduced marketing production timelines by more than 50%

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Fortune 100 CFO

“During their engagement, Ovesto continually proved that innovative, ‘outside the box’ thinking is what it takes to keep a business competitive. Ovesto’s strategic vision brought together multiple departments/disciplines in order to provide a true Enterprise Information Management department that still stands today. Because of this effort and their willingness to see things through, we are better positioned to move forward in today’s fast paced world.”


Medium-Sized Business CEO

“I love that Ovesto took the time to learn about my business before presenting an insightful strategic plan that was ultimately responsible for 250% growth. Thanks, Ovesto”


Fortune 100 CIO

It was exciting to work with Ovesto especially as their executive was working to push the boundaries in various areas. This was a new concept for us, and Ovesto was always accepting of input and thoughtful recommendations on how best to proceed and this is a great sign of leadership.”

Private Equity Owned Business CEO

“When our backs were against the wall, we didn’t know where to turn for help. Fortunately, we’d heard about Ovesto and from our first meeting we knew our business was in caring, capable hands.”

Fortune 500 CMO

“OVESTO did in 10 weeks with 2 executives what our company would have taken 14 months and over 10 people to do.”

Fortune 50 VP of Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Ovesto executive in a very collaborative manner. Ovesto was a solid business partner to the marketing organization, focusing on the enablement of CRM innovation through new tools deployment. Their consultant has an outstanding business acumen and focuses on key business requirements and how IT can be an enabler versus an inhibitor.

Medium Sized Business CEO

“Ovesto quickly grasped the essence of what we are about as a company and our culture. As we have progressed thru each step of our digital transformation it became clear that our Ovesto Executive was acting as a member of our Leadership team, concerned about our issues, and acting like our CIO. This was certainly an unexpected and positive result of our continuing relationship.”

Business School Dean

“It’s been a great experience working with Ovesto over the years. Recently, they are working on the University’s branding and core messaging. They brought a new fresh perspective to our message and brand identity.”

Family Owned Business – Founder and CEO

“Ovesto’s leadership and talent put them at the forefront of revitalizing and reshaping our company into a cohesive and concise achievable strategy that still exists today. The culture within the business improved tremendously and allowed everyone in our team to become part of the plan. Ovesto has our thanks for all their great direction over the years. I would highly recommend them for any business.”

At Ovesto, we do more than sell solutions, we solve business problems. We begin by going deep to truly understand what our clients need, exhausting the possibilities to get to the right approach. Ovesto provides organizations with the expertise and creative solutions to help you realize your full potential.

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