Leading Global Grocery Retailer

OVESTO’s fractional CMO created a new marketing strategy and built a web-based promotions solution for a global grocery retailer allowing the company to reduce its production timelines by more than 50%. OVESTO aided the grocer with the post-implementation integration of an acquisition that generated Seventy-Five Million in synergies.

Customer Testimonial – CMO
“OVESTO did in 10 weeks with two fractional executives what our company would have taken 14 months and over ten people to do. Then on their second assignment, their post-integration playbook and leadership allowed our cross-functional teams to concentrate on the most important activities to ensure we exceeded the synergy targets of the acquisition.”


The global retailer needed a systematic way to plan and execute its marketing programs and promotions. The retailer also lacked the experience in setting up omnichannel promotions. Additionally, although they had undertaken acquisitions before, many failed to achieve the synergy and performance goals outlined by shareholders..


OVESTO built the retailer’s new marketing strategy and cloud-based promotions platform that allows the company’s marketing department to plan, develop, manage, execute, and report on all programs and promos in one central repository. OVESTO utilized its post-integration methodology to assist the retailer in exceeding its synergy goals with its acquisition..


OVESTO’s fractional executive developed the marketing strategy and led the creation of the web-based promotions solution allowing the company to reduce its production timelines by more than 50%. OVESTO also focused on the strategic objectives of the grocer’s acquisition accelerating synergies and achieved $75 Million in savings.

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Mid-Size Consumer Luxury Brand

Increased key selling activities by 182% and 2x the opportunities created

Leading Technology Company

Acheived a 20% increase in total revenue over 2 years.

Mid-Size Software Company

Redirected $300K in monthly losses to positive EBIDTA in 18 months.

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