Mid-Size Luxury Consumer Goods Brand

OVESTO performed as a fractional COO and CIO for the private equity-owned luxury consumer goods company. OVESTO increased key selling activities by 182% and 2x the opportunities created by predicting customer purchases. It has resulted in a 111% net EBIDTA increase. Our team also implemented new processes and applications across the organization to streamline merchandising, eCommerce, and warehouse operations.

Customer Testimonial – Luxury Consumer Goods CEO
“Our employees need to be able to see their KPIs and have easy access to it. OVESTO designed and built the new analytics that allowed us to keep an eye on the game, actionable insights and visibility into key customer buying patterns. Additionally, their eCommerce and supply chain expertise allowed us to tremendously improve our sales and repeat customers”


The luxury consumer goods business was transitioning from a family-owned business to private equity-owned. The company was lacking customer insights and analytics to monitor performance and predict customer buying patterns. The company also had five stale eCommerce sites that required updating, lacked process standardization, sales automation, and were manually running their distribution center.


The OVESTO Interim COO and CIO drove revenue growth and profit through the advancement of sales process and systems, lead conversion, sales skill development and training, and new product sales methodology. OVESTO implemented new cloud WMS and lean process standardization. Overhauled website navigation, customer experience, product assortment, and merchandising and implemented nine new SaaS systems for CRM, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Promotions.


The new processes and systems generated 182% in crucial selling activities from 98,000 to 278,000. It increased opportunities by 2x, and the sales team went from 40% to 83% of hitting new opportunity goals. The company experienced a 111% gross sales year-over-year increase and best Cyber Monday and Black Friday in history. It also increased inventory accuracy by 20%, shipment accuracy by 4%, and the cost of carrying inventory by 25%.

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Leading National Retailer

276% increase in repeat customer percentage in a single year.

Mid-Size Financial Services Company

176% productivity gain and $34M in net new sales.

Leading Global Grocery Retailer

Realized post-merger integration synergy savings of over $75 Million. 

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